unpaid work

Interesting article on youth unemployment and working for free to gain experience.


The morality of this is worth questioning, but if the employee receives genuinely valuable experience then there is a case (albeit on the lame side) that the arrangement is mutually beneficial.

So, should this just apply to young people? The economy is on its arse the world over. It’s not just college grads that are out of work. Grown ups with bills to pay and families to support are suffering similar circumstances in their droves. Is unpaid work a solution for them too? I don’t see why it couldn’t be in many cases.

What I do find interesting is that, in today’s business landscape where it is virtually impossible to pioneer an original idea, a cursory search for an online recruitment service that matches candidates with unpaid jobs, doesn’t seem to exist. Please let me know if I’m wrong. Surely there is an opportunity here – potentially a massive one. It may not be ideal, but the fact is that it would appeal to unemployed people looking to gain experience, keep busy and widen their networks, and it would appeal to employers because, well, they don’t have to pony up.






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