waiting for godot

I am not an IT specialist. But I am a knowledge worker. Or put that another way, without a computer I can’t work…at all. When my computer dies at work I ‘log the issue’ with IT according to protocol, who may or may not turn up a day or two later, depending on how much noise I make. Sound familiar? In the meantime, my employer is paying me to do absolutely nothing. Yeah sure, I can find something productive to do but let’s cut the crap, it’s not best use of my time so I shouldn’t be doing it.

What is the annual cost of this downtime to businesses, the cost of paying (often senior level) employees to do nothing and interrupting workflow? What would be the net effect of offsetting that cost against the cost of employing more efficient IT systems and teams? I will wager my big toe that in most knowledge-worker environments the net effect would be increased production, increased morale and more profitable operations. I am sure the analysis has been done a gazillion times – feel free to share here if you’re party to this insight.

So where’s the urgency when employees are forced to stop work because of poor IT infrastructure and support? If an employee just tooled down and went home for the day I’m pretty sure we’d see it. What’s the difference?


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