Pimping Bond

The James Bond brand is being pimped out again to sell a new men’s fragrance.


I’m not sure I could look a woman square in the eyes when she asks me what I’m wearing, and say ‘James Bond’ with a straight face.

It’s easy to see how brand 007 can whore itself out to products such as fragrances, watches and booze, but you have to wonder whether there is a point at which all the sophistication and mystique of Her Majesty’s loyal terrier is actually little more than just schoolboy fantasy when plastered shamelessly on to retailers’ shelves. Is this a brand that grown men really feel comfortable consuming in their every day lives, or should it stick to the screen and toy boxes (come on. who didn’t have Hugo Drax’s Moonraker in 1979?)?

Any suggestions for the tag line? Attract Pussy Galore? Sniff Sniff, Bang Bang?


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