Stop me if you’ve heard this one

A man walks in to a bar. In this case the man is me. The bar is a sandwich bar. Subway to be specific – in a busy city area on a Saturday afternoon. A seemingly disinterested older lady with health issues is plodding slothfully around behind the counter on her own, unable to service the rapidly elongating queue of hungry would-be patrons as its tail snakes ever closer towards the door. I waited 20 minutes before giving up and leaving. I was not alone. The worst of it for me was how little the woman behind the counter seemed to care or make even the faintest whiff of any effort to step up her game. And all this while her younger co-worker shuffled around gormlessly with random boxes front-of-house when he should have been busting his arse (and hers) behind the counter to serve the growing line of impatient customers. Apparently we are in tough economic times with high unemployment, yet people like this have jobs and Subway survives despite abysmal customer service while other more genuinely customer-centric businesses struggle. This fries me. True to my zero tolerance poor customer service policy, I hereby add Subway to my shame list. Subway – customer service fail!


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