where egos dare

According to DeutchInc’s Mike Sheldon, 1/3 of agency staff wants to leave this year. Check this out.


This would be hilarious if it didn’t cut so close to the bone. Actually, it is hilarious anyway. Creatives sick of arse-kissing ‘suits’ more interested in self-preservation than producing great work, and account managers tired of precious creative teams deluded with self-importance.

You wouldn’t think it would be this difficult would you? Take the brief, come up with a great idea and make it. Not so. The business of selling ideas is a subjective one, and where there is subjectivity the biggest ego wins the day. And there is no dearth of egos in advertising.

Is this good for the creative industries? Imagine an egoless ad agency. All objectivity, no passion. Where inspiration chokes at the hands of reason and the validity of the output is measured only by ticking boxes. Wait, that would be an accountancy practice. It all makes sense. Isn’t going to change the world.

So let’s give thanks that agencies are indeed hot houses for the volatile fusion of inspiration, creativity, ego and crusades against convention. If it were any other way, your products wouldn’t sell and your loyal customers would not be following, liking and sharing your brand.

Love this agency’s home page. No industry clichés or advertising voodoo, just a show reel of the work. Nice work too.



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