A+ for G+?

Google announced Events on Google+.


It allows you to send invitations and post photos of events on it. Wait. That sounds familiar. But what is new is that anyone with photos of the event can post them all in one place. More sociable for sure. But potentially catastrophic for anyone who likes some say in which of their photographs appears online. And this is likely as not to include most brands. Not everybody’s gatherings look like the wholesome sailing trip with the girls and boys from next door as depicted in Google’s twee video at the link above. In fact, does anybody’s?

The bigger question for me is who is using Google+? Reports say it now has 250 million users according to, well…Google. But where are they? There’s 174 comments (to date) under the video post granted, so somebody’s out there beyond the howling winds and tumbleweed that have characterised my personal experience of G+. Admittedly, ‘circles’ seemed to be a great idea, and far more in tune with the way we interact with our contacts in reality than facebook’s indiscriminate stuffing of all your ‘friends’ in to one unholy throng. But despite Google’s best efforts to claim a slice of the social pie, the future of G+ still appears to be anyone’s guess.

Will Google Events help G+ catch up with facebook or does the boss of search need to stick with what it does best?


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