Is it time to unlike facebook?

Facebook has changed the email address you gave it to display for people to contact you with. Whether it was an, or, you now live at to all who view your profile. This means messages sent to you will show up in the messages section of your facebook account rather than in your email inbox.

Facebook says it told us it was making this change. Uh-huh. I didn’t get that memo.

The underlying issue is one of security. Facebook has already bought the rights to your personal life. Now it’s changing it for you without your consent. And God knows who it’s sharing it with.

Silicon Valley’s own sandal-wearing socialites are walking away from facebook in their droves, suggesting that the social media giant is losing credibility at the very heart of its own community. It looks inevitable that once it loses its cool factor as well (if it hasn’t already) then the brand could be looking at the very real prospect of rapid decline in the not too distant future.

To be fair to the social behemoth, it does seem that a generation (or two) lost its mind when it signed up for freely surrendering all that was personal, private and sacred to the wild west of the Internet. Now it’s inevitably coming back to bite us in the arse we’re all surprised. You didn’t need to be Nostradamus to see it coming.

Is facebook out of control? Will its recent IPO bring about a less ethical approach to business or worse still a culture of abusing yet further it’s dominance and vast pool of users’ personal information?

Will you be staying at facebook’s party or is it finally time to find a new place to hang out with your ‘friends’?


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