Who are you talking to?

The 6 types of social media user according to a recent piece of research:


The piece is interesting in how it attempts to segment social media users in to 6 profile categories, but not altogether enlightening in terms of how marketers can take advantage of this knowledge. I guess you have to buy the full white paper for that.

The ‘Mix and Minglers’ group seems to be where the most exciting marketing opportunities lie – the 29 year old digital socialites who are most likely to interact with your brand, and who constitute nearly a fifth of social media users according to this research. Not much use if you are selling walking frames or royal wedding commemorative crockery though.

The author quotes a senior VP who tells us: “Today’s approach to social media measurement – racing to rack up the most ‘likes,’ retweets, followers and recommendations – is the wrong approach. Marketers must define success not by social media activity, but rather by customer value and engagement.”

It states the obvious really, that the focus should ultimately be on sales rather than traffic. But it does raise the interesting and often overlooked point that social media marketing should be about quality rather than quantity. The same is true of any marketing activity, that we should strive to achieve the most efficient use of precious marketing dollars with carefully considered targeting and messaging, regardless of the medium.

I do wonder however if the issuer of this particular wisdom pearl confuses us when he counsels that by focusing on increasing likes, retweets, etc. (engagement?) we are taking the wrong approach, whereas the righteous path to marketing success is in….well, engagement.

Whatever. The underlying theme is the most important point, that the question increasingly in the forefront of the minds of business owners and marketers everywhere is, ‘how can we turn our investment in social media marketing in to cold hard cash?’ The debate about this million dollar question continues. What’s your approach?


One thought on “Who are you talking to?

  1. My Formula to success

    1) Get people to realize you exist – Tools such as facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blogs etc are all good for this and ENGAGEMENT helps more people know you exist. So the better you are at engaging people, the more those people will tell others that you also exist

    2) use this new found fame to help solve these peoples problems. Usually (if you did it right) this will also mean you get some money or compensation as well

    Pretty simple, right?

    I gotta stop giving away some of my best stuff on other peoples blogs like this!

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