Is Traditional Marketing Still Effective?

Is Traditional Marketing Still Effective? |.

This is an interesting article that asks whether traditional marketing still has a place in your marketing plan alongside digital and internet marketing.

With the current trend to rush blindly towards social, inbound and content-based marketing, this is a good time to pause for a moment and take stock. Many so-called Internet Marketers are quick to dismiss tried and tested traditional techniques. Proceed with trepidation before subscribing to this doctrine.

Consider that your marketing should serve to solve business problems and maximise opportunities to grow your brand. Diversity across industries and companies means that these opportunities and problems will vary, requiring marketing plans to do the same depending on the business environment. One size does surely not fit all. Therefore you must approach your marketing planning with an open mind about what strategies will best meet your objectives – not a preconception that you must use one set of media or another.

Digital has provided marketers with more channels, and the growing tendency among consumers to spend time immersed in these media make them attractive – not to mention the comparatively low costs of entry. Traditional channels such as broadcast and print advertising, direct marketing and events have suffered as a result, and will have to learn to deliver more measurable results to advertisers at a lower price. But write them off at your peril. You will still struggle to get in to the nation’s front rooms quicker than on the TV, you won’t catch more people on their drive home from work any other way than by radio, and if you are not networking at your industry’s annual trade event then you won’t have as many quality leads to nurture in your snazzy new CRM hub software as your competitor.

This article reminds us that online and offline marketing are two components of the same effort. They should not operate in two separate silos but rather in harmony with each other – in an ‘integrated’ way as we used to say. If your marketing provider offers one without the other then it’s time to sound the alarm.

Many internet marketers have forgotten that the most important word in their title is the second one. A facebook enthusiast maketh not a marketer. If you are seeking specialist marketing advice then you will be well served to distinguish between the two. Internet Marketing can be extremely effective and may very well be a good fit for your business, but the chances are it will play a role in a much larger production. It is a means to an end, not an end in itself.


One thought on “Is Traditional Marketing Still Effective?

  1. Louis, yes but marketing is about a lot more than ‘just’ channels and media. These are only part of the marketing mix which itself is but a part of the overall marketing (and therefore business) strategy. However, i think we agree that this is – unfortunately – how many people see marketing.
    – Marc

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