Is your brand promise credible?

Reading about September’s BrightonSEO conference in the UK I was similarly amused and impressed by one of the speakers’ claim that his new start up, EmberAds, will, “make online advertising a bit less rubbish”.

Amused perhaps because of the innate Englishness of the phrase: the English being probably the only nation that uses ‘rubbish’ as an adjective (or a noun for that matter); and ‘a bit’ echoing the Brits mastery of understatement.

But I was impressed because it takes guts to reduce your brand’s promise to little more than damage limitation. But there is an honesty about this proposition that gives it integrity and credibility, making it far more powerful than the safe but oh-so-tired ‘we’re going to give you the world’ approach to brand positioning.

It also recognises that awkward truth that nobody wants to admit, that your industry is a bit…well, rubbish. In doing this it empathises with your customers’ frustrations and needs, hopefully winning their affections before your ‘more rubbish’ competitors do.

A bold but refreshing take on the traditional ‘we suck less’ positioning statement – proof perhaps that sometimes less really is more.


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