Can you cut the social mustard?

Grey Poupon is vying to become the most exclusive page on facebook. It requires visitors to actually apply to become a fan – and if it doesn’t like the look of them it rejects them…straight.

The mustard brand describes itself as ‘synonymous with all that is refined, exquisite and delicious.’ We can assume this elitist attitude is the inspiration behind creating an exclusive facebook club around the brand.

Despite failing to meet the entry criteria, I like this. It’s a bold move, potentially alienating fans that the brand deems too gauche to belong to the club. But the best marketing is always bold – and bold is rarely without risk. There is also a quality over quantity approach here, which is a refreshing nod to the importance of effective targeting so rarely seen in the online social world.  It’s not about more fans – it’s about the right fans.

The application process on Grey Poupon’s facebook page is beautifully executed. You are taken to a darkened virtual viewing room where a panel of judges (in period dress) reviews on screen various assessment criteria about your facebook profile such as what you like, how many friends you have and what your influence is, before deciding whether you cut the mustard…so to speak.

Will Grey Poupon alienate potential customers? I doubt it. Having failed to measure up to the brand’s lofty social standing, I’m more motivated than ever to refine my act and gain access to the club.   More importantly, I’m now tempted to try a mustard brand that’s barely been on my radar until today.

How great it is to see some social media marketing that’s actually compelling and original.


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